Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2015

I know we’re already almost 5 months in, but I feel I can knock this out now, and still be classified as a most anticipated list.

Phantom Pain

Number 5 – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This would be higher on the list, but due to Guns Of The Patriots being such a chore with its odd install choices and days worth of exposition told only in cinematic, I don’t have as high of hopes as many do. Not to mention Ground Zeroes being a glorified demo being sold at near triple A game prices, is sickening. So what if you sit there and go after collectibles for hours on end, if the main story is barely 2 hours long, it’s not worth the price tag. If I wanted something that short, I’d go for an indie title, with stories being shorter, graphics being good and more substance to them overall. Even though Kojima and Konami have promised it will be more open world and less movie, I still don’t believe it will be as good as everyone is hoping.

The Division

Number 4 – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Even though the post-apocalyptic world has been done to death, this game looks very interesting, combining squad based tactics of Tom Clancy games, in a new setting for the franchise, dealing with survival being the primary key. Sure the trailers have pre-loaded actors talking, it still a great atmosphere to get immersed in. Not to mention I tend to enjoy most of the Tom Clancy games out there, so it has that going for it.

No Mans Sky

Number 3 – No Man’s Sky

This game I’m really interested in, even though we only know that it may come out this year. With the game’s procedurally generated worlds and seamless transitions between the surface of one world, into the atmosphere, and into space, before finding another world and setting down. Whether or not it proves to be a huge seller, remains to be seen, but I for one am still willing to see what its like when it launches.

Mortal Kombat X

Number 2 – Mortal Kombat X

I know what you’re thinking, “Why is MKX on here, it’s already out!?” Well yes, it is out, but I have not yet picked it up for monetary reasons. That and I’m waiting for Goro to be released as DLC and the first Kombat Pack to arrive with Predator and the Dillon/Carl Weathers Skin for Jax. I’m getting it on PS4, as I’ve seen the game played on it and really want the game. For me, when it comes to fighting games, I prefer a controller, and the ability to have local multiplayer. As PC versions tends to strip that out. Not to mention PC MKX is totally broken right now, even though it is being fixed.

Batman Arkham Knight - Batmobile

Number 1 – Batman: Arkham Knight

Being a huge Batman and Arkham game fan, how am I not going to get excited for this game? It’s going to be one hell of a ride, being Rocksteady’s final game for Batman in their Trilogy. Keywords there “Their Trilogy.” Some may get confused and think “Wait, there’s 3 other Arkham games out, so this is 4…” Well yes, Origins is in the series, however it has nothing to do with the Rocksteady games, other than the map is being re-used from Arkham City. Arkham Origins was developed internally at Warner Brothers, and not by Rocksteady. Hence why it was underwhelming for some, including me. Sure there are some stand out performances from Deathstroke and The Joker, the game feels incomplete in areas and the early launch glitches broke the game for some.

I ended up picking it up on sale on steam and found it riddled with glitches, from Batman’s cape wrapping itself around his head, to enemies falling through the map. Something that Rocksteady did their utmost to keep out of Arkham Asylum and City. Sure some people did find the odd bug, but Origins has a lot more. However it only gives me hope after seeing the Officer Down trailer for Arkham Knight, that the new one will not only push the graphics to an almost PC level, but give us the Batmobile, as promised by Rocksteady. Also I’m eagerly awaiting a new trailer that’s been listed as being put up this week.

Honorable Mentions: 


Grand Theft Auto V PC 

Being that I’ve been advocating a PC version for sometime, I pre-ordered the game, something that is considered a Taboo in 2015. I did not regret it, after getting the Day 1 patch, I was able to get the game up and running smoothly, and enjoying all the new goodies in the game. As I also have the PS3 version, which feels stripped out compared to the PC version. Not to mention 1.5 million of in-game currency helps. I’m able to heist now, and have gotten a supercar in the game. As such, I may post a few videos on it over the coming weeks/month.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse

This came as a surprise hit for many, and I really want it, but again money isn’t easy to come by in this giant hole everyone is in. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the game played and really want to get it, and it’s definitely worth the wait, as the servers for multiplayer are slowly being patched. Although it’ll be a PC game for me, as the PC version is the most stable, and a lot of my friends already have the PC version.

With that I’ll sign off, look for the Furious Seven review tomorrow, or maybe later tonight. It depends on how much I feel like writing it tonight.


Movie Mania Part 2

As I mentioned, I am splitting it into two, just due to the sheer number of movies. Here is part 2!


Probably the best science fiction epic I’ve seen in a long time. It gives you just enough science to not sound too much like fiction, but does do a bit of a jump off of the deep end towards the end of the movie. It’s a great film, shot beautifully, and the story is awesome. I really enjoyed this movie, and yes the end does feel like this generations version of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the lack of science and pure fiction. However, unlike Kubrick’s classic, it does give some form of explanation to give it a nudge towards the somewhat possible, but still remains fantastical in practice. Still worth a watch for anyone that is a science fiction fan like myself. Also the score is amazing, it fits the movie and is a treat to listen to.

Amazing Spider-man 2

Oh did this movie underwhelm me, so much so it borderline pissed me off. I’m not as much of a spider-man fan as I used to be as a kid, but still. This movie is just a craptastic follow-up to a rather good start of the first one. The first movie had all this set up that would make us think that the Sinister Six movie could work. However in this movie, it ruins all of that setup, in favor of new setup that is completely pointless and utter crap. I’m sorry to those that like this movie, I am with Marvel on this one. Give it a pass. There are moments of good, but a lot of it is filler and should have been 2 movies with too many stories going on. Half the movie or more is just this touch and go crap between Peter and Gwen for f*** sakes. This is supposed to be a Spider-man film, not a romantic comedy between Gwen and Peter.

One major flaw this movie has is that it relies too much on technology to get the job done. Rhino is not a f***ing military tank suit with missiles! He is meant to be a really huge, imposing wrestler and brawler that happens to wear a suit with horns on it. Granted the suit is childish, but still he’s not a huge role and they made him so laughably bad in this movie. Avoid, and wait for Spidey’s appearance in Cap 3: Civil War, and Kevin Feige’s produced solo movies.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Oh my god, is this exactly what I needed after Amazing Spider-man 2. Not to mention Cap 2 helped out a lot. This movie is awesome. Marvel took their space opera and made it enjoyable to all, while still respecting the lore. Sure it dates itself with references to Kevin Bacon in Footloose, but I don’t mind it. Everyone can enjoy this movie, no matter what age. The villain is great, Josh Brolin as -spoiler- Thanos is amazing. He is very imposing, and I can’t wait for Infinity War in the Avengers Split movies. Think of it this way, you wanted to know what the hell was going on with the mid-credit sequence in The Avengers was, well here you go. This movie gives a straight up tell all about what everyone was buzzing about. Not to mention this movie’s after credit sequence was hilarious. Kudos to Marvel for including a character that probably has no right to be in the MCU, but is welcome none-the-less. SEE THIS MOVIE!

22 Jump Street

This was a startling hit, I was surprised it lived up to the first one and surpassed it. The team of writers/directors are hitting that niche with the self-aware humor. It worked in the first movie and man does it work in this one. It makes fun of itself, that’s how good it is. Especially with the sequel set ups in the end that go all the way to 2020 Jump Street, where they end up in space. The movie is solid, with a great cast, and the villain is one of my favourite actors in the form of Peter Stormare. Sure he tends to be the stereotypical russian mobster, but he plays it so well. This is a very funny movie, and fans of the first one can see it without any problems. This is a film series that just seems to be getting better, not to mention the guys behind it being also behind the Lego movie. It’s great to see them succeed, because I enjoyed their work on the animated series Clone High. Definitely worth a watch.

X-men: Days Of Future Past

Wow, it may not be the original Days Of Future Past from comics or the 90’s cartoon, but it works. In terms of the existing Fox mutant continuity, it works. I thought it was going to be Bryan Singer wanting his toys back and crapping on Matthew Vaughn’s universe, but he tied them together pretty well. However, it’s not without fault. Shadowcat doesn’t normally have this power, it was just for the purpose of plot convenience that they gave it to her. Had they taken a little bit of time and flushed out Bishop more, and set up Forge, they could’ve made the machine do it. However, in terms of the movie’s science, the movie works as is. Also, it does set up the next movie and yes, Fox is going to do En Saba Nur himself, Apocalypse in the next movie. I will undoubtedly watch it, just because I still enjoy the actors in their roles. Although I wish Marvel could work out a deal to have more mutants in the MCU, like Wolverine and make him an Avenger like they’re planning with Spidey.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

This movie is a different pace from the other two, it’s a slow burner, but with a decent setup for part two, where all the pay off will be. Unlike the previous 2 movies, this one doesn’t feel like a rehash like Catching Fire did. This is a straight up war movie, with people fighting for their lives and independence from the government in which that tries to control them. Even with some of the laughably bad propaganda in the movie, but some of it is intentional. Due to the propaganda being faked. This is still worth a watch and a good set up for Part 2 in the fall. Worth a watch if you enjoy these movies. Julianne Moore is cold, but that’s due to the character, and she’s a great fit for her.

Big Hero 6

This believe it or not, is a Marvel property that Disney picked up when they acquired the comic book company. The movie is good, but my only gripe with it is that I’ve seen the story done numerous times before and I’ve seen it done better. Even though I may not be the target audience, I can tell you at least the kids will enjoy it, but Adults may get bored with it. Which is sad, because Disney can make good movies for all ages. I love the old classic animation they did, Aladdin is one of my favourite movies from them. Does this movie deserve an Oscar, hell no. The only other fault that gives me a bitter taste in my mouth, is knowing that the Academy when faced with animated movies, will ALWAYS vote Disney. Very few times will they go against the grain and vote for someone else if Disney has an animated movie in the running. The Lego Movie should have not only be nominated, but it should have won. It is a far superior film and can be enjoyed by all.

The Equalizer

I was not expecting much, being that some movies by Denzel Washington are merely something for him to pay the bills, and sometimes they’re movies to which he does a phenomenal job. This is an example of a rather meh premise with an ok script, with Denzel acting his ass off in. He brings his A game in this movie and is bad ass doing so. It is an under-the-radar hit that all action movie fans can get behind. It deserves a watch, either on Netflix or rental. You won’t be disappointed by Denzel Washington in the role. It does however feel like the tv show (with the same name) in which some of the material if not all the material comes from. Especially at the end where he posts a classified ad online for him to help people.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Holy hell is this an amazing movie. Colin Firth is astounding and bad ass in this movie. The script is solid, the action is awesome to see. The fight choreography and filming/editing is spot on. Whether or not its a good adaptation of the old tv series, is debatable. Although I’m not one to argue, I love this movie and everyone in it. I think of it as a twenty first century spy movie with all the grab of a James Bond movie, and the action of Mission Impossible. Matthew Vaughn does awesome work with this movie. I can see why he left Fox during Days Of Future Past’s filming to work on this. It is awesome. Samuel L. Jackson is a great villain. I want to see more of this franchise, as I enjoy spy movies and its a great start if they do more.

So, with this mega review catch up over, I can say that I’ll be back with more. I may post something on Friday, but who knows. I’ll also be posting a review next week of Furious Seven (As James Wan, the director puts it). Yes, that James Wan of The Conjuring, Insidious, and Saw. Interesting change of pace for him, make a Michael Bay-style Explosion happy movie but from what I hear, really good and enjoyable. Well, that’s then, this is now. So I’ll sign off, have a good one!

Movie Mania Part 1

Sorry for the 2 month hiatus, been sorting things out offline and online. As such, I’m back with some movie reviews and a little news. I’ll be posting more videos, primarily of gameplay and streaming more on my twitch channel and maybe hitbox. I also had worked for a bit, so I picked up a PS4, so expect a game review or two. Also, I’m splitting these reviews in two, just because there’s 18 movies on this list I want to cover.

As expected with that many movies, they all are very different, so here we go.


I loved this movie, granted I am a Michael Keaton fan, but as mentioned in the Robocop 2014 review, I don’t always enjoy the movies he’s in. This is one of the good ones, go see this movie, either rent it or Netflix it. It is worth the watch, Keaton probably should have won the oscar this year, but I can see the others were deserving as well. From start to finish, this movie is complex, dealing with the inner workings of a man torn between what the actors and critics tell him what to do, and what he wants to do. The war between the artistic and intellectual vs the fun and exciting. With an excellent cast, awesome score and fantastic camera work, making the movie with as minimal of cuts as possible. Go see this movie.

The Lego Movie

This movie is great, from the music, the animation, the voice acting and double performances from Will Ferrell, this movie is awesome for both kids and adults. It brings out that creativity and imagination from our childhoods, of picking up those plastic blocks and putting them together in ways the kits didn’t show. I usually would build robots and cars and various things out of Lego. This movie celebrates what its like to be a kid and use their imagination to bring worlds to life. This is a movie worth watching for everyone.

Kill The Messenger

Based on the true story of reporter Gary Webb, as he uncovers reports from various sources into the secret mission of the CIA with rebels in Nicaragua, where the CIA knowingly took drugs and money from the rebels in exchange for weapons to fight their own government. Then turning around and using a middle man to work with drug dealers in various locations in the US to sell to the people. This movie may have been criticized as loosening on the facts in favor of adding Dramatic Tension. So far they haven’t given meaning to their statements. The movie is worth the watch to those that enjoy drama on the screen. With a star-studded cast, delivering great performances across the board. Jeremy Renner gives an awesome performance on-screen. Sure, He maybe Hawkeye in Marvel’s movies, but this is the kind of movie that shows off Renner’s talents as an actor.

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies

The movie I saw over the holidays, man was it rough. It’s good, but not as good as the previous two. From the start, this book should have been one, three-hour movie, or two of them, but not three. A lot of the scenes feel like filler, even more so than the first movie. They tried to go big with the action in this movie, like they did with Return Of The King. However, it feels like they were banking on the scene to be more epic. It feels like they tried building it too much. A lot of the choices made feel like rehashing of elements from the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. I may actually check out some of the fan edits that cut the fat of the movies, and maybe I’ll enjoy them better. This one just doesn’t deliver, and I can see why. It just didn’t need to be tree movies. There just wasn’t enough meat on the bone to warrant it. Considering its a short novel to begin with.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

A great action movie, even though its source material is of Jack Ryan Jr. As all the previous Tom Clancy movies, featuring Jack Ryan, are all Jack Sr. This one, being based on Jr’s source material, but being given to Sr, is meh in concept, but in practice, turned out pretty well. Chris Pine and Keira Knightley work out great in the movie, along with Kenneth Branagh as the villain. Good popcorn action flick for those that are fans of the Tom Clancy novels and movies. Although the origin story should have been Jr’s instead of Sr’s. I thought Sr’s origin being told in The Sum Of All Fears worked out better in that regard. Although this one works as a standalone. Definitely worth a watch on Netflix or rental.

John Wick

Keanu Reeves is back in the action movie scene with a lot of his crew member friends from the Matrix movies. As the special effects and choreography teams come back to make a hell of a movie. The cast is awesome in the movie too, . including Daniel Bernhardt and Randall Duk Kim, whom had supporting roles in the Matrix Sequels (Bernhardt was the Upgraded Agent that Morpheus fought on the semi truck and Randall Duk Kim was the Keymaker). We also have quite a few guest stars of various TV shows, including Lance Reddick of Fringe, Adrianne Palicki of Agents Of Shield, Bridget Regan of Agent Carter, and Alfie Allen of Game Of Thrones. The movie is a great action movie, with complex and great fight choreography and gun play. Keanu Reeves is a bad ass in this movie, granted the catalyst for his character’s revenge is a bit odd. Although I understand the meaning behind it, some may not. Still a good movie to watch.

Into The Woods

Yes, I watched a musical, even though I’m not always a fan of them. I was curious, as it was a rental my mom wanted to see, so we watched it with my dad over dinner. Although I think he may have passed out watching it. The movie feels a bit too long, and the intertwining storylines work up until a point. The whole giant revenge plot could have been cut from the movie and it would have worked out just as well. Granted it is based on a stage musical, I don’t know if it worked out as an adaptation. Meryl Streep, while a fantastic actress, really felt to me as if she was intentionally hamming up her singing voice for the sake of “Why am I in this Disney movie?” If you like musicals, you can probably watch it and enjoy it. Its something to turn your brain off to as not much thought is needed to watch, much less enjoy this movie. I just didn’t care for it in the end.


Definitely worth a watch, if you’re into true stories. Involving wrestler Mark Schultz, (not the stylized wrestling one sees on tv, the sport that is performed at the olympics). It details Mark and his brother, David’s story of meeting with Team Foxcatcher coach, Jon du Pont and working with du Pont, while trying to get into the next olympics and just after. Steve Carrell as John du Pont is chilling, between the effects make up and his performance, makes it scary. As you see a man who wants to be a coach for wrestling, while not knowing very much about it, go from attaining his dream, to fear of losing it. With great performances by Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum, this movie is worth the watch.

A Walk Among The Tombstones

Adapting from the book of the same name by Lawrence Block, tells the tale of private investigator Matthew Scudder (Liam Neeson), as he uncovers the truth behind the kidnapping and death of a drug dealer’s wife. It’s a good movie, a nice crime drama to watch. Neeson does good work being the investigator, with a good blend of action and drama. Worth a rent or Netflix watch. Interesting choice for music in the credits, a cover of Sound Garden’s Black Hole Sun. Although not the best cover, but I get what they were going for with a soft piano tune.

with that I’ll wrap this up for now, stay tuned for tomorrow. I’ll post the second half tomorrow