I, Frankenstein… the Underworld clone?


So recently, I managed to watch I, Frankenstein. It is probably the most Underworld movie I’ve seen in a while. Even though it maybe like Underworld’s movies, it’s not done by Len Wiseman or his Wife, Kate Beckinsale. It is almost a clone of the first movie, in the sense that we have 2 opposing forces that are “Hidden” from the human world, battling it out in an ancient and secret war.

Kind of sounds familiar, right? Well how about something that isn’t like either side, but isn’t human. Still sounding the same to you? Now picture Bill Nighy as the leader of one side, that isn’t quite the good guy. Now picture the featured werewolf from Underworld, the one from the trailer, yes that one. Picture him as Nighy’s number 1 henchman.

Still sounding familiar to Underworld? I kid you not, this is such an underworld clone, its silly. Frankenstein’s monster being a gift to humanity from Dr. Frankenstein as the monster possesses the ability to not die of old age, basically live forever.

Now instead of the Werewolves using his blood to make them immune to the effects of silver, there’s a book that Nighy needs to make an army that can’t be killed. Ok, seems logical. As he’s a demon Prince, working to make more indestructible vessels for his kin. The Gargoyle order is led by 2 people, Gideon; the general of the order, played by Jai Courtney from Jack Reacher and A Good Day To Die Hard.

The other is Leonore; the pseudo-queen of the order and albino Gargoyle, that doesn’t fight in the movie (Seriously, she is just there to talk and take up screen time). She is played by Miranda Otto of the Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers and Return Of The King. Seeing her in this movie makes me think “Where’d all your money go from LOTR, that you have to star in an Underworld clone?”

As Sarah Lewis of the Cinema Snob crew put it “It’s a beef cake movie.” We get to see Aaron Eckhart and a bunch of burly men brawl on-screen for an hour and a half. With a half-assed plot put together. You know what the sad thing is with this entire venture? It’s based on a graphic novel! I get that it could be an accurate representation of the comic, but if it isn’t I am still calling it an Underworld Clone. Whether that was intentional or not is another story.

There are too many similarities to Underworld, especially with a good chunk of cast members from the first movie and only 1 of them was a well-known and respected actor. The other two or three were side characters, we didn’t give a sh** about.

Not to mention the hypocritical argument of the movie. “You fought a demon in front of humans. We fight in the darkness.” Ok, let’s analyze this for a moment. Adam (Frankenstein’s monster), fights 1 demon, in an alleyway at night. Only 1 human was present, and it was a cop doing his job, and not being a complete idiot.

The funny part is coming, a few minutes after the lecture to Adam, the gargoyles go out and have a brutal battle involving numerous demons and gargoyles, in the street, outside of their giant church, with people’s apartments all around. Being loud, roaring and big spectacles of light and fire in the streets. So wait, you fight them in darkness, except when the Demons unleash a giant horde on you. What the F*** lady?

That argument bugged me, the logic just escaped me when it happened. I found the movie had decent action, and it’ll probably appeal to people who enjoy gothic art styles and those that enjoy beefcake on-screen. It’s kind of sad that the best acting in the movie is done by Aaron Eckhart, he put more effort into this movie, than everyone else. He didn’t need to, which is kind of odd.

I’m sorry this turned into a rant, but the movie so much a clone. That would’ve made more money when the 3 Underworld movies were being made, than now. Or they could’ve titled it Underworld 4: Frankenstein. No one would’ve cared, it would’ve been just as believable that way.

With that, I’ll sign off, and work on some video editing. Have a good one.


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