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So with the way Agents Of Shield ties in to the Marvel universe, none other than Captain America would have a huge impact on the series, with the events of his latest movie. Thor: The Dark World did impact Agents Of Shield, but not very much. It had a guest appearance from Lady Sif. In terms of Cap 2 however, things drastically change on the show. I would suggest before you continue on, go see the movie and watch the episode in question.

The episode is called Turn, Turn, Turn, with Bill Paxton guest starring again. All I can say of the two story lines is that they are very much connected. Everything we’ve seen of the Clairvoyant storyline in Agents of Shield has been building to this moment in the series. Now to diverge from the series and talk about the movie.

Everything is solid, much of the old campy factor from The First Avenger is gone, for a more serious tone, and a more Marvel approach. There is some intrigue, some twists, and one thing I didn’t expect happens. I knew of the comic book tie in that the Winter Soldier story comes from, so that wasn’t a big shock. However, the second and much bigger half of the story to the movie, is huge! I had a chill going into one specific scene where all is revealed and the true villain is detailed.

This is a movie worth seeing, now if you are like me and not willing to pay the full price of admission, go see it in 2D with a matinée. I saw it and didn’t regret it, as the movie does have 3D, I just don’t know how good it is. I’m not a huge fan of 3D, unless a movie is filmed in it. To me post-conversion very rarely works and is distracting. This movie is a great follow-up to The First Avenger and The Avengers, mainly for Cap’s sake. At this point he’s out, and everyone knows he’s alive. So it primarily focuses on him for character development that he hasn’t gotten.

Note: I really enjoy the score, I’m listening to the main theme of the movie as I write this, ha ha.

We do see other characters develop in the movie, but I can’t really discuss them too much without spoiling the movie, so I would recommend stopping here if you haven’t seen the movie or the Agents Of Shield tie in. Alright, from here on in I have to list spoilers in order to highlight why the movie is good and how it shakes the status quo of the Marvel movie universe. This also ties into Agents Of Shield. Cap has been down on his luck, mainly with accepting that he is a man out of his time, and trying to cope with being a soldier in a time of peace.

He decided to take up Shield’s call, and work for them. Unfortunately, things have changed with how espionage and soldiers work in the modern era. Cap has always believed it to be black and white, where as nowadays its very gray. To the point where both he and Fury are worried that the current course of Shield is steeply going into the realm of fear.

Thins begin to spiral out of control of our heroes when Fury is attacked, and removed from the game at play. Cap is soon attacked himself, as the players of the opposite side want to remove him from the board. The movie is definitely a chess game, played by those in power and our Heroes. Cap is attacked and labeled a fugitive by the now corrupt Shield, so he goes on the run with Black Widow and they find allies to help them bring down the corruption.

Then at the key point in the movie, we find out that everything is connected between the Agents Of Shield tv show and the movie, when the corruption is Hydra. When this is revealed, they’re then attacked by Shield/Hydra. They go underground again and find an old friend in waiting, where Cap gives the order and it is an order, that Shield must be dissolved in order to stop Hydra from achieving a strangle hold again.

So, after a giant battle, in which Cap is wearing his old suit, and a cameo from Stan Lee of course, we see Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury dismantle Shield permanently right in front of Hydra’s Leader, Alexander Pierce. Played by the supremely awesome and talented, Robert Redford. Granted we see this a mile away, but still its a great flick. Now onto Agents Of Shield.
With the destruction of Shield, all that remains is the rogue agents that are in allegiance with Hydra. Within the show, no one knows whom is Shield and who is Hydra. While the movie is more clear-cut with most of them by showing us who are all Hydra people.

Including one person whom is both in the show and the movie. Agent Sitwell. The reason I divulge all of this is to show how well both work together, but while the movie works on its own, the show does suffer a little bit by leaving out some of the finer details that movie has in place. Which is fine, as the show creates intrigue and turns everyone against each other. Very much like that of The Thing from 1982.

Because Shield is Dissolved, what does that mean to the show? Well in the show we see Paxton is revealed to be Hydra and the Clairvoyant, as such he calls out to his Hydra operatives to turn the situation over on Coulson. He kills shield agents and his captured for his misdeeds. Then we have the ultimate Betrayal by someone on the show, his protegé. Agent Ward reveals that he too is a Hydra operative and kills the guards to release Paxton from custody.

All that remains of Shield is the plane in which Coulson is now on. Completely in the dark as to the dissolving of Shield, and has to keep his team going to continue their mission, despite being now Rogue agents no longer affiliated with the US government. I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode to see where things progress.

Both stories are effective at what they do, Captain America The Winter Soldier for its big scale, and Agents Of Shield for its smaller scale. Now with the title of The Winter Soldier, Bucky (Spoiler) is alive and well, as he is the Winter Soldier, and his story is effective, but not very fleshed out. He is a bigger role in the comics in this story, but plays a side role in the movie. Being the only one to go toe to toe with Cap and beat the living tar out of him. I wish we could’ve gotten more to Bucky, but they might save it for Cap 3. They’ve laid out all the pieces for it in the credits.

Credit sequence: Mid roll spoilers. Marvel must have shelled out big bucks to Fox for this one. We see the Baron known for being a Cap Villain talking to another Hydra operative discussing the future of Hydra. Then we get the atom bomb, he says “The age of heroes is done, now we live in an age of miracles. They did stop our weapons, but we still have The Twins.” Then we see Quicksilver and his twin sister Scarlet Witch. Now for those whom don’t know, the twins are the son and daughter of Magneto.

So Mutants will be entering the crossover soon. Hopefully Fox doesn’t screw it up with Days Of Future past. Although it’s not boding well with posters and behind the scenes stills for Fox’s movie. Although I do like who they got for Cap 2 and Avengers 2 for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. One of the Olsen Twins, and the lead actor from the Kick Ass movies. Granted the Olsen Twins’ track record isn’t exactly prestigious, the one chosen could still do a good job. She seemed fine in the cameo in the mid roll for Cap 2.

Then there’s the end cap, Bucky. He stands in the Smithsonian exhibit dedicated to Cap and his comrades. There he struggles with his memory, trying to remember who he was, by staring at the bio on the plaque next to his name. This is why I wish he was more, but I figure they’re saving it for Cap 3.

Now onto trailers: Guardians Of The Galaxy, holy hell does it look good. We see a group of misfits thrown together to make a really good movie, despite everyone crapping on it for being one of the least liked stories in the Marvel universe. Though we had set up for it in Thor 2 with Benecio Del Toro. The trailer looks good, and I’m shocked we have a big supporting role for Dave Batista from the WWE. He plays Drax, and I thought he was great in Riddick, so who knows, maybe it’ll pay off. Then the Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer I’ve seen before, and the trailer for Days Of Future Past. Not much else to remember for trailers.

With that I’ll sign off, and get things prepped for the next review and work on the podcast editing some more. See you guys next time.


Updates… Been a while

Sorry for the stagnation I’ve had with my blog. I’ve been sorting things out in my life, and have picked up a few creative projects. One of which is a Twitch stream, where I stream random games I’m playing at that time. Soon though, I’ll integrate a camera, to have me in the picture. Not to mention getting better Internet to handle the upload speed I need to better stream with. Another is the attempt at recording a podcast, where my friend Ike and I talk about games, movies, adaptations and such. I’ve been slowly editing that.

That’s what’s been going on lately, as such brings me onto the future of my blog. No, it’s not shutting down, in fact I’ll be expanding it to encompass more. The blog will be my central site for launching my material. Videos will be integrated into the page, as soon as I can work out a content uploader, that isn’t word press’ built in one. Most likely YouTube, if not something else. Movie reviews will continue in text form. As I don’t yet have a normal video camera to record a vlog style entry. Eventually that’s where I’ll be heading down the road. For now, text will still suffice. Which brings me to my current roster of upcoming reviews, and there are quite a few of them. Some new, and some apart of the classic movies revisited category.

Here is that list:
(Note: This is not the order they will be in, it’s just a simple list of what’s coming).


Captain Phillips
Escape Plan
Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters
Red 2
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Thor 2: The Dark World
2 Guns
Captain America: The Winter Soldier + Agents Of Shield Tie in.

Classic Movies:

Red Heat
They Live
Demolition Man
In The Mouth Of Madness
The Thing 1982
Prince Of Darkness
The Punisher 2004

The videos will be the gameplay highlights from Twitch, and maybe the podcast. I’m still working that out with Ike. For now, that’s what has been happening and what’s to come. I’ll probably have the Captain America and Agents Of Shield tie in review done first as its fresh in my memory. Hopefully. For now I’ll sign off, have a good one people.