The World’s End

So recently, I managed to see The World’s End with family.

The World's end poster

The movie is pretty good, while I wasn’t laughing as much as I did during Anchorman 2, I did have a few moments in this one. It got better as the movie went on though. At first I thought it was just about a group of guys reliving the old days and performing the golden mile of drinking. Something they never really finished. Then we got Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s twist storyline involving an invasion that has almost completely taken over their home town.

Although despite its decent humor and good story, it has some issues. The movie suffers from a lack of depth in the story to make it more interesting. The other part it lacks is the subtle humor. Granted Shaun Of The Dead was a similar formula, but it worked. This one, the jokes feel like a rehash of the other two movies in this supposed “Trilogy” of films involving some sort of post apocalyptic theme.

Some of the humor is kind of lost, because its dated. We’ve seen it countless times over and it isn’t done in a way that makes it work. Some of the jokes work fine, but after a few minutes, I was getting bored with the humor. The only thing that brought my interest back was the invasion subplot to the movie. Granted it was kind of like a zombie/stepford invasion, but it dealt with aliens and them influencing technology to take over the world. Most of it so far sounded good.

Where things take a dive is in the ending, where Simon Pegg manages to finish the golden mile. The ship the aliens came down in, is where all the replicants are held, and where the real people are recycled. After all is said and done, we’re left with this post-apocalyptic waste land, as apparently the alien ship was powering everything in the world. Then in the new world, Simon Pegg’s character is a bounty hunter who hunts with some of the replicants which mysteriously came back online after their creator’s ship left.

I’d say, if you’re really into Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s comedies, give it a rent. Otherwise you can pass on it.


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