The Wolf Of Wall Street

So, another movie I saw recently with Brent, was The Wolf Of Wall street.

the wolf of wallstreet poster

The movie is a really good telling of the events surrounding the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort. A notorious stock broker, whom stole millions from unsuspecting clients, using high pressure sales tactics, and misinformation about the stocks in the market. It tells the story from the point of view of Belfort, as it is based on his book that he wrote in prison, under the insistence of Tommy Chong. Whom also stayed in the same prison as Belfort.

Scorsese definitely hit it out of the park with this movie, and having Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort was a bang on match. In terms of a movie, it is a really great movie, worth a watch. The acting is superb, nothing felt wooden, or forced. All the actors, including Jonah Hill were awesome in this movie. It has some cool moments, but also has a lot of humor relating to the follies of Belfort and his compatriots in his schemes.

There is however a growing concern that did pop up during its marketing campaign. One of the victims of the scams involved, was the daughter of one of Belfort’s fellow brokers, Christina McDowell. Her father isn’t even referenced in the movie, but she did bring up a compelling argument when she wrote a letter into LA Weekly last month. I’ll link her letter here.

She discussed the downsides to the scams that Belfort ran, with her father. As a result, it ruined her family, along with many others. While I like this movie, and think it’s an amazing account of Belfort’s rise and fall, it does suffer from the fact its told from the Wolf himself. So yes, the movie does glorify the events, but does show some of the downfalls.

Unfortunately it didn’t show all of them. The movie is already pushing 3 hours long, and to show the rest of the downfalls would’ve made the movie longer and possibly bloated. I’d be curious to see a documentary recounting all of the story, and not just Belfort’s point of view. If you’re interested in seeing the movie, I’d definitely recommend it. Although I’d also give Christina’s letter a read.

I’d say give it a rent when you’re able to, or see it on a Tuesday night matinée, as I always recommend. Just because the cost of movies is so high these days.


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