The Conjuring

So, tonight I watched The Conjuring with Brent.


If you’re a horror/ghost buff, this is right up your alley. I myself have no quarrel with anyone whom believes in the supernatural. I’m interested in the scientific part of it, but who can go wrong with some classic horror style movies. This movie is the collaboration between one of the two experts from the original incidents, Lorraine Warren. She collaborated on the movie, to give it proper information. As the movie is based on her and her late husband’s work in the ’70s. This particular incident is the haunting of a home in the Rhode Island area, involving a witch.

The movie has all the right beats of a classic horror movie, which is usually a good thing. As modern gore fests are not really scary, but more of just a gross out show. This time around with James Wan as the director, we get basically to me, his best work since the first Saw movie. We have all the elements of dread, atmosphere and the right among of jump scares to have us enjoy the movie.

The acting is spot on, we have a cast that while some of them are new to the horror genre (mainly the kids). The part of the cast has been in horror movies before, know how to emote and make us believe are the people they are portraying. Some of the scares don’t have particular stings like James’ previous movies like Insidious where almost every incident involving a ghost, has a musical sting. I’ve seen the sequel to Insidious and while its cool to have more depth to Patrick Wilson’s character with his childhood, but we knew it was going to have segments with the parasitic ghost inhabiting his body, and it kind of played out how we all figured it would. This movie, it doesn’t fall in the same trap of predictability, some of the moments we can predict, but not all.

In terms of the movie being based on the true story, I can’t really confirm whether it is or not truthful to the story. All I know is, that Ed Warren, wanted this movie to be made. He met with Producers 20 years ago to get a movie rolling. This was also found on Wikipedia, so whether or not its really true is another story in itself. All I know is, it’s a really good movie, and those of you whom would like this sort of story, should give it a rent or watch on Netflix or something at some point. You won’t be disappointed.

Well I’ll sign off for now, gotta get some sleep. I’ll see about posting some mini reviews later on for some classics I’ve seen that are much older.


Some News, photos and ideas on the horizon.

Sorry about the month-long period of nothing-ness in terms of postings, been a bit busy with some stuff, and haven’t had much to write about lately.

This past month having Canadian Turkey Day, kind of takes up time to spend with family, which I’m all for especially with the good food involved. I understand why we changed Thanksgiving from late November to mid October, since most people feel a few weeks between turkey holidays is a bit close, and in my family we have 3 Christmases to go to sometimes, so it means possibly 2 or 3 days of turkey dinner/lunch. Although we try to alternate whose making what for food to avoid having that much turkey to make us pass out.

I went out west for a week on the road with Brent to visit some friends in Alberta and BC, mainly to deliver our friend’s car to her. Also we stopped along the way in Alberta to visit our friend Jeremie. Red Deer feels like a smaller combination of Kitchener and Cambridge in some ways, while having different style traffic lights and mostly numbered streets. It was nice to get out on the road for a driving trip, something I rarely get to do due to lack of funds and since its mostly a couple of hours drive for the places I tend to usually go to visit friends, family and Con Bravo. It was a bit cramped in the car, since there was a trunk in the back seat, and it was a small car to begin with, but we made it in the end and enjoyed it.

Flying back was more cramped with WestJet’s seats designed for the “Average” person. Someone who is under 5’9″, and is basically a toothpick to fit in the seats. I know I’m not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but still. If my cousin -who is built like a brick sh*t house- were to go on their planes in Flex (Coach), he’d have problems too. Airline seating designers should make coach seats that fit the tall and those who are considered actual average for shoulder width or possibly bigger.

Anyways, besides the small mini-rant on airplane seats, which I know a lot of people have. My only issue I had, was that their luggage guys missed the connecting flight in Calgary, so we ended up with our luggage the following day. Not a huge loss for me, since it was mostly clothes and my hair brush, but Brent not realizing this could happen left electronics and his medications in his luggage. So he had to order more in order to compensate for the time lost not having them. Despite all this, I enjoyed my experience overall travelling out west and seeing friends again.

This past weekend, I was able to watch and comment on the Extra Life campaign, and maybe help out with some PR to raise money over Twitter. I was watching Rooster Teeth’s stream, being hosted by Jack Pattillo and his fiancée Caiti. It was a wild ride, not only were people playing games, but many of the Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter people showed to do weird challenges each time they hit a milestone in money raised. Including Michael Jones getting sick from too much Lava Cake, and Gavin Free nearly burning a hole in his tongue.

I only wish I had money to help donate, and maybe pick up the limited edition poster they only had being sold during the stream, with all money from the sales going to the Extra Life campaign. As such I helped out in my own way posting on Twitter to help raise awareness and promote the campaign. If you’re curious to donate for any one of the Sick Kids hospitals or donating for specific teams, visit: and search out a player on the team you’re following. All teams will have continuing donation buttons on their player pages, until early December. So even if you miss your team’s stream, you can still donate.

I have been thinking of running a stream for Extra Life next year. So who knows, maybe you’ll see my name on the list for then. After all this, I’m still going. I have to get school funding sorted out, so I can go to school soon, before I miss out for January.
As promised here are some photos from the road trip out west. These were taken with my phone, it works pretty good in daytime shots. More photos will be added later, when Brent finishes editing his usual collection he takes.

Roadtrip to BC Album