Star Trek Into Darkness


So, as the title says, I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. I actually saw it the Tuesday after it opened. Sorry it took me so long to get this out. Its one of those rocky situations where the unemployment rate in Canada is atrocious for the younger workers. Anyway, on with the review.

I’m going to try to leave spoilers out as much as possible, but I may slip as I write this. Overall thoughts on the movie, its fantastic, much better than the previous one, in terms of action, and more technical moments of Star Trek mythos. Although there are a few parts to this movie, which are nitpick, being someone who follows science throughout life. The movie is very well written, and the acting is amazing, I went into this with a couple of spoilers from watching a bit of some of the review from Spoony, Linkara and Cinemasnob.

I went and saw the movie in 2D, mainly because of a viewing party situation, where we ended up seeing the movie in a neighbouring city. So the viewings in that city were limited for 3D, which is fine. Also, Tuesdays work the best for me, and since Cineplex is giving an even greater discount for Scene members, it only comes to $4.95, which is always a plus. The movie has 2 primary plots to it, one is the Khan storyline, that we know from the old universe. Then there’s the new storyline which is tied to the old universe, but back in the early days of the original series, involving a type of starship and the klingons. The special effects are still amazing, and unlike the last one, there is one small plot device in it, involving tribble. Where as the last one, it was a glaring plot device involving the red matter.

Now involving the story, we have character arcs. We focus on the primary 5 crew members, Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhuru, and Sulu. At least in terms of the characters we know and enjoy from the previous movie. Then we get a small arc for Admiral Pike, and we get Khan’s set up, as well as the movie’s secondary villain. We also get; as Brad Jones (Cinema Snob) made the joke, Admiral Robocop. The reason I say this, other than the aforementioned joke from Brad, is that I too remember Peter Weller in his most iconic role of Robocop from the ’80’s. Although he has played another Admiral in Star Trek Enterprise and did really well in that role too. So having him being a high-ranking Admiral, is really awesome. We also have another of the Khan plot, with that of Carrol Marcus, which if anyone remembers from the old universe, is the mother of Kirk’s future son, David.

One of the weird things and this is not a spoiler, but for some reason in both movies, Nurse Chapel. Whom was always a staple of the old series, especially with Majel Roddenberry, is written out of both movies. We only hear of her character in fleeting moments. Where in the first movie, its McCoy telling her to get him some cordrazone. In this one, its Carrol mentioning to Kirk that due to a fling that Kirk and Chapel had, so Chapel transferred to a different ship. Granted this is new, which is fine, as this is a new universe, but they could’ve had more potential to expand the roster of characters and have another older person to help keep the reigns centered. Don’t get me wrong, Karl Urban does an amazing job playing McCoy.

Not to mention, in the first movie, the actors were trying to emulate the previous cast, from the old universe, more than being the characters, but this time they’re just focusing on being the characters. Another nitpick is that Chekhov, gets even less screen time then he had in the previous movie. I guess because they wanted to focus on certain characters for the plot. So if we get another movie, maybe he’ll get more.

*Partial spoiler alert*
Benedict Cumberbatch, does a fantastic job as Khan. He has all the drive and energy that Ricardo Montalban had, but his is more serious, where as Ricardo was kinda chewing scenery a little, but it’s still good to see. He; to use the saying, Gives No F*&(%. So much so that when in combat, people are flying all over the place, and he curbstomps someone, without a second thought.
*End Of Spoiler Alert*

Back to the points in terms of being more fantasy than reality/science fiction, is that we have a moment in the movie where Scotty’s transwarp beaming technology is adapted to somehow (Don’t ask me the logic of Abrams) transport a someone from one side of the quadrant to the other. If we go by Star Trek Online’s map. Although in the last movie, it made more sense, in the fact that it’s transwarp beaming, beaming a person from point A to point B, while one of the points was in motion.

As in the last movie it was the ship was moving and Kirk and Scotty beamed onboard from Vega. Where as in Next Generation, they do a similar instance where, in the episode “The Schizoid Man”. Where the away team is being transported from the ship, to the planet’s surface, while the ship momentarily stops for half a second and then jumps back to warp. In both instances, they were only within a set distance, being fairly close to each other. Where as in this movie, it’s from Earth to Quo’Nos (Pronounced Cronos, if you’re curious). I dunno, it’s just a knit pick.

So in final thought, go see this movie. It’s definitely worth your time, and if you’re on a budget, like I am. Go for a Tuesday night showing, where its a cheaper price. With that, I’ll close this off, and give this movie my recommendation.

Note: Total Recall I will write the review for soon, I’m going to re-watch it, to keep the thoughts fresh in my mind, because that movie has so many problems with it.


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