Evil Dead 2013


Wow… I’m speechless as to how awesome of a reimagining that this movie is. I am definitely on the Audience’s side on Rotten Tomatoes. Tonight, I saw Evil Dead 2013, and god damn is it awesome. The special effects are something that hollywood has been missing these days in terms of straight up horror flicks. Now, being almost raised on horror flicks, thanks to my sister and her husband, I’m kind of numb to a good chunk of gore and certain themes, but I can be known to have a bit of a jump with movies like Insidious. This movie didn’t rely too heavily on musical queues to drive the horror forward, it takes a page from the old movies and some other where it lets the scene and characters actions dictate how you feel watching it, much like Sinister’s scenes of super 8 footage. While the score is great in the movie, it only picks up in certain parts of the movie, and only serves to enhance what is on-screen. Being a reimagining of events in the original movie “The Evil Dead” of 1981, this movie is straight up horror, not a satirical horror, like Evil Dead 2, which the critics seem to be comparing this one to. I don’t know why they are, it’s almost as if they’ve never seen the original.

The movie did make my adrenaline rush in certain parts, where the horror dials it up, which is normal for me watching a horror movie. Much like it is with most people. There are a few funny moments, especially with the intelligent character, whom seems to be the voice of reason throughout the experience, which is always good. As horror flicks tend to stray off the path of logic and common sense, and have characters doing things only to serve the plot of the movie and therefore turn most people off, because they would think “Why in the hell would they do that?” Well, in this movie, there is one character whom does that, and is probably the weakest of the characters. She has very little depth in the movie and only serves to be there, solely for the purpose of her boyfriend in the movie, who is kind of the parallel to Ash from the original movie.

Without divulging too much detail, I’ll say this about the movies’ plots, they both follow the same basic premise of the horror aspects, but the main reasons for being at the cabin in the first place are where the two films differ. The old one, taking the traditional, vacation approach. Where a group of young adults go into the woods, to party basically. This one is much more of a modern take on why people sometimes go to the woods, isolated from society. Although the vacation approach is still a normal reason for going to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, some people like to do that. With this movie, they go up to the cabin to have one of the people go cold turkey from drugs. Which some people do, when trying to break their habit. Most tend to just go to rehab and be isolated in a safe environment, but under normal circumstances, the cabin works too.

While I only saw the original movies about a week ago, they’re still pretty fresh in my mind, although I had seen a good 40-50% previously of Army Of Darkness, so it kinda played out like I seen previously. Focusing on this movie, its great, we have all the elements of the old flick with some new twists and takes on the characters and lore. The core and heart of the movie is the same, but without setting up too much of a sequel. Although there is already plans to do a sequel, hopefully the producers don’t let the fame go to their heads and keep with the theme of this movie and not go into too much comedy. Although I like the old movies, don’t get me wrong, but since Sam Raimi isn’t in direct control of this new franchise, there’s no guarantee that the sequel will be good. He’s merely just a supporting producer on them, as is Bruce Campbell.

Final thoughts on the movie, I’d give it a solid 10, definitely worth a see, if you’re a fan of the old ones, you won’t be too disappointed, as Ash may not be in this movie, but we do have the elements that made him, while not being an exact copy of him. Throughout the film we get homages, or as we gamers call them, “Easter Eggs” in the movie, giving us subtle hints of “Remember this?” from the old movies, with the chainsaw, and moments happening to reproduce similar results to those of the old movie. One Easter Egg in particular, happens at the end of the movie, after the credits, I won’t say what it is, but any Evil Dead fan will love it.

I’ll close this off for now, but I might post another blog either tonight or tomorrow about another review. I watched the newer Total Recall movie the other day, and I’m going to post on it. I don’t want to say anything on this blog about it. For now, a final thought… Go See This Movie, even if you wait for a Tuesday matinée, go see it, it deserves your money, haha.