Django Unchained – The “D” is silent…


Yes, as the title suggests, I saw Django Unchained.
As a side note, it maybe a little bit longer for posts to arrive, as A) I have to get used to WordPress’ graphical changes, and B) I got a job, so that will also eat up some time.

So, onto the movie. Damn it’s awesome, gives you the right amount of plot, character depth and just a touch of cheese to make it a great flick. Not to mention being so good, you don’t notice you’re in the theatre close to 3 hours. Tarantino has knocked it out of the park, basically expanding on style in which he placed in Inglorious Basterds, but taking out some of the longer, time-consuming dialogues.

Although my favourite scene with Golden Globe Winner (Yes, I watched the awards), Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds with the french version of Gerard Butler. (No it’s not really Gerard, but the man playing the Frenchman, looks a lot like him). Now, within the first 20 minutes of Django, I saw exactly why he won Best Supporting Actor in this movie. The man is awesome as the German Bounty Hunter, Dr. Schultz. I loved him in this movie, just like I did in Inglorious Basterds. Then we have Jamie Foxx, who’s perfect for the role of Django, pity he didn’t get nominated for his role, but he was kinda overshadowed by his supporting cast in the movie.

I can also see why Leonardo DiCaprio was also nominated for his role in this movie. A lot of people have said this, and I agree with them, this is his best performance in a movie. Being Calvin Candie, he became the sadistic, southern charmer that is needed for a primary villain in this movie. I also remembered when it happened, the key scene that was talked about before the movie’s release. Leo’s dedication to keeping the scene moving, when he injures himself. Yes its a real injury, people. So we see his real blood on-screen, THAT’s dedication to his craft. It’s also why I loved his performance in this movie, that despite injuring himself, he didn’t stop the scene and be a cry baby, but the fact he decided internally that “ah well fuck it, let’s roll with this.”

The plot is simple and straight forward, rescue the damsel with a dash of revenge in it. Tarantino wanted to do a spaghetti western, and at first, I admitted it before I saw the trailer, I thought based on rumor. “Oh no” it may suck. Then I saw the trailer and said, “Nope, I’m going to see that movie!” I am glad I did. I will admit, I did end up being late for the viewing, so I missed most of the opening credits, so I don’t know what was done prior to the credits. I’ll probably have to wait until it arrives on DVD or Blu-Ray to find out.

Quentin’s film choice: Now, I mentioned this to Brent, who was with me for the viewing. Quentin does not particularly enjoy digital filmmaking. He prefers to have traditional effects, and use a film camera, instead of digital. With that being said, the movie while having some film grain, which works, it’s still beautifully shot. I still love old film cameras, because in instances where a film grain is nice to see, such as a western, it makes sense to use a film camera. As digital is fine for clear imagery, but artificial film grain will annoy the hell out of you, especially in a 3D viewing. Like I mentioned in the Dredd review. Quentin also shows up in his own movie, and god damn it, he’s hilarious with that accent. Also, his favourite stunt woman, Zoe does show up, as a masked figure in the movie. You’ll know what I mean when you see her.

This is definitely a great flick to check out, if you can’t get to the theatre to see it, give it a rent. If you’re a Tarantino fan, buy it. Also, as another note, I know of the implications of the character name and theme showing up in a previous foreign film called Django. However, this movie is not based on it, the only things matching are the theme song used and the name of the character. As such, Quentin’s win of best original screenplay is deserved for the globes. Also his nomination in the Oscars is also deserved.

Side Note: Why did James Remar get 2 roles?


Top 5 Listings – A Year In Review.

I decided to do a top 5 list for a couple of categories for the year of 2012. Also to get me to start writing more stuff, besides reviews.

Top 5 Movies I watched this year:

This was pretty hard, since I watched a lot of movies this year. So I reviewed my history and went with what I had seen that was released in 2012.

5 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Even though it is padded, just a bit, and with its fan service, it’s still a great movie. It just didn’t need the 3D and 48FPS.  For more, read the full review… here.

4 – Dredd 3D

Being a box office flop, the movie is insanely good. True to the heart of the comics, despite the basic plot being very similar to The Raid: Redemption. They just execute them very differently. Karl Urban is always a bad-ass in every movie I’ve seen him in. Full review here.

3 – Looper

Great scifi flick, definitely a watch. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt knock it out of the park for a time travel paradox, and with a hot Emily Blunt, as a bonus. Full review listed here.

2 – Skyfall

Awesome action flick, and Great Bond movie. I wouldn’t say its the best Bond movie ever, but it’s definitely up in the top 10. Then again, I’m biased, since I love most of the Bond movies. Each actor giving their version on the character. Some playful, some humorous, some gritty and action packed and some riddled with gadgets. Full review here.

1 – Marvel’s The Avengers

Being a comic book and super hero fan, I can’t deny that the Avengers is on the top of this list, because it appeals to every part of me as a science fiction and comic book nerd. Marvel hit it out of the park with their association with Paramount for their epic build up through the various movies. All to bring it together under one hat, despite some differences with the 3 different portrayals of the hulk.

I recently watched Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug’s recent video on his Next 15 Screw ups of AT4W. Where he explained that he gave too much credit to a man who didn’t need it, Joe Quesada for the recent boost Marvel has had with the movie business, when the man really responsible for the big boom is Avi Arad. <—- This man here, who’s been working behind the scenes of most of the Marvel movies and TV shows, is the one who made the awesome-ness of this movie possible and made it so Marvel had a huge boom in comics, as a result of the better inclusion of Marvel into the movie franchises with the Marvel Studios hat. Kudos to him. Full review of Marvel’s The Avengers here.

Top 5 Games I Played this year:

Alright, with movies taken care of, now onto games. This one was a bit of a mix, since some games I played were older, it’s harder to make this list, as I don’t have access to a huge resource of funds to buy every game I see. So this is primarily games I’ve PLAYED this year, not necessarily ones released this year. Although they are somewhat recent.

5 – Dishonored

Great game, I enjoyed playing what I could have it, as I don’t own the game, so I’ve only been able to play it at a friend’s. If I were able to, I’d buy the game in a heartbeat.

4 – League Of Legends

I really enjoy playing this game, especially when its ARAM or (All Random, All Middle lane). The meta is what kinda makes a drag of the game, coordinating in blind pick and end up stuck with a lane I don’t like, much less enjoy being in, with a character that is expected to do well. I’m more of a solo person, but due to my lack of dedicated game time with League, I don’t expect to do well against everyone, and the AI games are limited to basic and horrible choices made by the developers. The AI games could use more tweaking and adjustable bot difficulties to actually simulate real games.

3 – Red Faction: Armageddon

I know, some of you maybe thinking, “What, really?” but to tell you the truth, I like the game. The core mechanic of destroying all man-made objects in an area and rebuilding them with a single button command, is awesome. It was the one thing I really wanted to try out, when I saw the trailer. The plot is ok, if not done before in movies and other games, but it works. Its kinda like John Carpenter’s Ghosts Of Mars but with insect-like aliens added.

2 – Civilization V

Excellent RTS game, I used to not really like Real Time Strategy games, but when I started getting into League Of Legends, I got curious about Civilization. So I picked it up when it was on sale over Steam’s Summer Sale. I’m hooked, its one of the best time sucks I have. It was pretty easy to pick up, and I enjoy it. I still have to get most of the victories, but I at least got the Scientific Victory with Japan.

1 – Halo 4

The game may have its flaws in terms of its upgrades for multiplayer, especially with buying XP through Doritos and Mountain Dew, and the corporate sellout/media scandals. See Angry Joe’s list of the top 10 controversies for 2012 for more on that here. The game’s campaign is god damn heart wrenching. If you haven’t done so, go pick it up, either by renting or buying it, its your choice. The gameplay is rich, although still utilizing the same core mechanics for Halo we’re used to. The enemies vary, but types are pretty much the same as previous games. The graphics are beautiful and incredibly detailed, best I’ve seen in a long time. It may not be as precise as Far Cry 3, but that’s not on this list, because I haven’t played it yet. Combined with the story, the game’s campaign is the sole reason why Halo 4 is at the top of this list.


I did try out Star Wars: The Old Republic -F2P (Free-to-Play) platform. I like what Bioware has done with the Star Wars universe, despite the differences between the F2P and Subscription platforms, the games core is basically the same. It’s just there are certain limitations. Putting those aside, I like the game fine, it’s just I’m not a huge MMO player. At least not as much as those who max out characters in a short time and run guilds like a business. As I’ve seen the ugly side of Guilds, which is a lot like a business, and people in the active status are like those on a payroll. I won’t say how or where I witnessed this, but its something that makes the game less fun, when it’s like a job. That’s why it’s not on the list.

Far Cry 3, I would’ve included it on the list, but I haven’t played it yet. I want to, but without money its hard to pick up games. I managed to score Red Faction for 10 bucks at a closing store chain; Halo Reach and Halo 4, I got for as gifts from family.

Also, The Dark Knight Rises didn’t make the list, but it was one of the contenders. If I had made it a top 10, then TDKR would’ve been on it.

Look for more movies, as I also got a 25 dollar gift card to the movies, and with Tuesday matinees it makes for at least 2 movies depending on the price.