A few notes on Red Faction Armageddon and Assassin’s Creed 3


I figure, because its been a while since I posted. I’d throw some notes out there on a couple of games I’ve been playing recently.

So for Assassin’s Creed 3, I pre-ordered it a while ago for my PS3, just because I own and have played all the previous games in the series for my PS3. The only one I haven’t picked up is Liberation, as I don’t have a PS Vita. I liked some of the new features in the game, like the fix in the control scheme. Where as if some of you may remember from previous games, when jumping from a stand still, the directional input was spotty. So one would jump in the wrong direction, either leading to injury or de-synchronization. With the new engine Ubisoft used for the game, it fixed this problem. Which is great, it was the one nitpick I had with previous games, that hadn’t been fixed. With this game, we got a robust story with lots of extra features, and a new combat management system which allowed for more quick adjustments even while in combat.

I find the game is a major improvement in the previous franchise, however, other fans have made other claims, like the ending is intentionally weak for playability and extremely difficult. *coughs*Kotaku*coughs*. Where the writer of the article  complained that it took him almost 30 times to complete the chase. Granted I know its difficult, as I’ve finished the storyline, and I had some issues with it as well, but I was able to figure out which path to take, while keeping my synch up and keep up to Lee. It’s not much of a spoiler, as in most games there’s a chase scene of some sort. More specifically he called it a kick in the face, now I’ll admit, Connor’s decisions aren’t exactly what I would do, but in that final chase, its understandable that there would be a lot of obstacles between Connor and Lee.

He said it was the worst ending to a game he’s played all year. Granted I can’t play as often or as many games as they do in one year, but even so. Just from the comments section alone in his article, obviously people were divided, probably more so with me, where they were saying “It took you 30 times, big deal. Barrels full of gun powder explode, and you missed the fact Lee turned momentarily and shot the barrels.” Which is true, Lee did have time to shoot the barrels as the two ran. I will say this about that mission, the optional objective is kind of annoying, and its thrown in several times in the game. “Avoid shoving people” is a pain in the proverbial ass, to be blunt. I find if it’s a slow, walking mission it makes sense. Move through the crowd slowly, but keeping within a good distance from the target. However, when its a mad dash rush to catch a really fast opponent, having that optional objective is kind of obnoxious. Especially when the target runs through enemy checkpoints that shoot on sight, even if you’re incognito.

But I digress, it’s just a nitpick I had with that objective. People have complained the graphics could be better, however someone like me who knows the specs of consoles, know that the engine is not weak on graphics, the opposite in fact, where it’s actually pushing the consoles just passed their limit. So if you were to play the game on a PC, where the hardware is interchangeable and able to process more video, the game would run with more polish. The game is beautiful regardless of the finer details. AI is a little bit better in some regards, but as the Meme goes, they still can’t swim.

Now that I’ve covered the thoughts on AC3, I’ll move on to Red Faction Armageddon for the PC.

While I enjoyed the beauty and story that is AC3, it wasn’t always fun, I hadn’t found any signs of a secret crypt and puzzle that led to some ancient armour upgrade. Red Faction is more fun, it gives you the ability to destroy man-made buildings, and equipment with a very sophisticated engine mod. Then after blowing everything up or cutting it down, you can repair it to traverse the area and provide more cover from enemies. As a bonus to all the destruction, you pick up salvage points, which are used to upgrade your abilities. The difficulty spike isn’t impossible, just a bit of a pain sometimes.

I happen to prefer the Singularity Cannon, which creates a black hole around an enemy and then after sucking everything up, it explodes. Another weapon I enjoy, especially for precision cutting, is the focused plasma beam rifle. Cuts through anything including a large assortment of enemies. Not to mention from a distance. Another great choice is the Nano rifle, using nanoscopic machines to de-atomize enemies, buildings and equipment. The story is pretty generic, but it works for me. I enjoy playing the game and with multiplayer features it makes it more interesting. The controls for RFA are solid, traditional third person controls, and an assortment of enemies that make it interesting for combat. The mechs are always a nice welcome, everything from a Leo suit, to a giant walker.

Now that I’ve got these thoughts out of my system, I can move on. I decided to not do a review on Wreck-It Ralph, as I could sum it up in one sentence. Although I will have a review of The Hobbit up, probably around Christmas, as I’ll be seeing it on Christmas eve.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the next review.


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