Novellette… A Different Sort Of Life by Finnian Valko

So, I read a novelette, and due to it being a science fiction story, it’s right up my ally.  This is just a shorty, as I don’t want to spoil anything, I also enjoy helping others out with exposure to their work, as this is the only published work so far by the author.

Today, I read “A Different Sort Of Life” by Finnian Valko. It’s a science fiction story about humans being at the point in which where technology has become the norm, much like it is today, but probably a little bit further along the evolutionary scale in some regards. As such, there is an underground movement of people who rebel against the rise in technology. The story delves into some common themes of science fiction, and some while not as common, have been seen before. Although it does handle them well, I liked the story, even though at first it was a little drab, as things moved along, it drew me in further. It has some good twists here and there, although being a writer myself and having absorbed a lot of story material, I could see some of it coming, that’s not to say its boring or anything. In fact its the opposite, engaging, thought-provoking in some ways, it’s definitely more interesting than a lot of what Hollywood puts out these days. This is definitely worth a read, check it out on Smash Words, and since February, it’s now free to download.

Here’s is his page on Smash Words, check it out sometime!

If you like his work, follow him on Twitter.


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