Excerpts from my own written work. Enjoy!

So, as the title suggests, I’m going to post an excerpt from something I’ve been writing for a while. The main character is something I created, for a much larger universe of characters in an already established medium. Although I hope one day, he’ll be added to that community later, with approval of that particular company, some of the stories I have written, do not specifically relate to said community. This is one of those that does not relate to it specifically. I’m sorry if this sounds vague, but I don’t want to reference any big names in fear of copyright lawsuits.

Anyway, here is an excerpt from one of my stories… it is told in first person, although not all the stories involving the main character are told this way. I am experimenting with different styles to showcase the character and my own self for writing purposes.

And to save myself any issues down the line, if you can forgive the legal statement below, I thank you in advance.

*All copyright of characters, events, and things therein are on the sole copyright of myself, the author. No infringement is intended or implied of any other properties contained therein*


. The next fight was even more brutal than what I did to the Russian. Both fighters drew so much blood out of one another; they had to get a hose to clean it up. I was declared the winner by default, as both of the other fighters had nearly killed one another and could not continue. “Unfortunately due to our last two competitors beating the shit out of each other, and crippling themselves, The Shroud will continue by default to face Ryan ‘The Fury’ Wilson, our reigning champion.” He said. The crowd booed for a moment, before he resumed. “We will have a short 1 hour break, while we clean up and prepare for the final match of the night.” He said. I sat at the bar, drinking some water. “He’s going to kill you… you know that right?” The bartender said. “He can try.” I replied.

“Ooohh, someone is cocky.” The bartender said. “Well, I came here to face him in combat, I know that one of us will be walking out, just don’t know who yet.” I said. “You warrior types always intrigue me.” The bartender said. I drank some more water, and iced my fist some more. “Russian was tough?” a patron asked. “Hard jaw; bruised my knuckles, just icing them down before the final bout.” I said. “Ah.” He said. I sat there, for most of the hour, surveying the place with subtle glances, while my hand healed. As the hour neared to a close, the Announcer came up to the stage, after the ring was cleaned. “Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re just about to start the final match, between our reigning Champ, Ryan ‘The Fury’ Wilson, and our finalist ‘The Shroud.’” He said, as he sipped his drink. I stood, and stretched, as my muscles had started to stiffen from sitting. I walked up to the stage, as Wilson also stretched.

This fight would be similar to the Russian, except for the facts, Wilson is faster, and can drill his fist a lot harder. The announcer did his hype up before we started, once finished, we took our places. I decided to switch things up, and used a mix of moves from both my martial arts training, and some tactics I learned in CQB combat training from the Military. Wilson came forward, and performed a high kick, I ducked, and grabbed the back of his calf, and drive my foot into his back. Wilson fell to the bottom of the ring, and got up quickly. He charged at me with his fist, running and yelling as he did so. I grabbed his wrist, and fell backward, using my foot as a lever, and my back as a fulcrum, sending him flying into the cage wall. Getting up, and getting more agitated, Wilson came up and started living up to his nickname. I tried to block one of his kicks, but he moved quicker than I could counter, and I took his barrage of kicks to my arm and chest.

I was knocked back, he had cracked one of my ribs, and I spat blood onto the mat. I had to finish things before Wilson turned the tables and would annihilate me. I got up, and saw Wilson punch, I jumped up as I grabbed his wrist, and drove my fist into his elbow, smashing the joint, ruining the muscle mass on it. I would be swollen later, but I figure some pain would go a long way to victory. Wilson grabbed his arm, as it fell dead at his side. I ran to the cage wall and jumped off of it and swiftly kicked Wilson in the face, causing him to spin into the opposite end of the cage. Wilson stood and leaned on the wall. I could hear voices from the private bar behind me, Marshalls was talking to Warsaw. “Who the fuck is this guy, he’s making mincemeat out of Fury?” She asked. “I don’t know, but he’s using what looks like CQB, Close Quarters Combat, US Military guys use it.” Warsaw said. I had a keen sense of hearing, and could filter out a good part of the crowd. I didn’t have time to sit there and contemplate, as Wilson charged his other arm, while still partially using his broken one.

I dodged the fist, but he brought his knee up, I grabbed it, but it still carried some momentum and hit me in the cheek. I bounced into the cage wall with my feet planted, I pushed forward, knocking Wilson back, as we fell, I planted my foot into his knee cap. We landed in a pile; his knee shattered the cap, just as the Russian’s had. I rolled and got to my feet. Wilson held his leg, and stood, now 45% of his body damaged, he wouldn’t last much longer, but could still deal some bad hits to me. He charged and drove his good knee into my hip, bruising the muscle. I grabbed it and twisted his leg, causing him to do a face plant into the mat. Wilson stood on the bad knee, hobbling, as his other leg was twisted. He swung his good arm out; I moved to the side and swept his feet. His momentum sent him into the cage.

He grabbed the twisted leg and reset it with a rage of hatred. He ran at me, with his good fist aimed at my skull, time seemed to slow, as I took a moment to analyse what part to hit him on next. I ran up the cage wall, and used his head as an apex, bouncing off of it and landing behind him as he drove his fist into the cage. In creating a hole in the mesh, his arm became trapped, metal digging into the flesh. With his good arm now out, I took the advantage. Running around and up the cage wall again, and brought my knee down to him, as he yelled, trying to free his pinned arm. “Good bye, Fury.” I said as my knee came into contact with Wilson’s face, driving his nose in, and cracking the forehead. His body fell down, and hung for a moment from the cage. He was done, if he survived, he would never fight again.


*All copyright of characters, events, and things therein are on the sole copyright of myself, the author. No infringement is intended or implied of any other properties contained therein*

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt, as I said its a work in progress and is a part of a larger work I’m in the process of writing. I just posted this to help generate some exposure to my work, other than my usual ramblings about games, comics and movies. Also, I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed 3, and its truly awesome, and I’m really enjoying it, but more on that later.  On a side note, I may see Skyfall in theatres,  hopefully yes. (No promises, as I’m broke and still unemployed.) If I am able to, I will write a review, as I’m hearing good things about it from other reviewers, such as Rotten Tomatoes with its ratings and with Brad Jones of http://thecinemasnob.com and Noah Antwiler (Spoony) of http://spoonyexperiment.com.

So, with that, I’ll sign off, enjoy your time here and Godspeed.


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