Dishonored… A few notes…

So, recently I’ve had the privilege of playing a bit of Dishonored, and while the game looks good, and has some good gameplay reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid. There are a few qualms I have with the game. One being, the AI isn’t perfect, but I can forgive that. I’d like an Autosave feature that saves after each objective completed, including optional objectives, or say entering a different part of an area, an autosave should happen.

Pointing out during load screens as a hint that you should save often, didn’t bode well for me and as such, pissed me off, because I forgot to save, and ended up at the beginning of the mission, in the boat to the Distillery District. So about an hour of gameplay progress lost, due to a lack of an autosave. We live in 2012, every game should have both auto save and manual save with multiple save files, to ensure things work out properly.

Positives, so far –

Blink: very cool and very helpful magic trick allowing you to move 10-15 feet in a single bound. This is very useful to getting to the tops of buildings, rather quickly. It would be nice to use this without having to use the left equipment slot for the left hand.

Mechanical heart: Kinda cool, helping in locating relics and bone charms, but when the item is found, I kinda feel it shouldn’t have to be equipped in order to pick up said object. Also for listening to secrets to levels.

Dark Vision: Kinda like the detective mode in the Batman Arkham games, very useful for tracking enemy movements and seeing through walls, and later on for detecting items in rooms.

Varying weapons for combat: dual wielding is one of my favourites for melee and projectile weapons, crossbow with multiple attachments, and a gun.

Different types of assisting items: like disabling trip wires, mechanical devices, and mines.

Graphics may not be on the level of detail like that of Crysis, but the game’s graphics are very well done, with nice palette choices and good enough detail so that people and cities look interesting and beautiful in the better looking cities and landscapes.

Load Screens:  VERY FAST, some of the best load times I’ve had in a very long time.

Celebrity voice overs: (some of the more famous ones).

Susan Sarandon (Rocky Horror Picture Show) – Granny Rags

Lena Headey (300, Terminator series, Dredd) – Calista Cunrow

Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) – (No name) Alternate Street Speaker

Chloe Grace Moretz (Hitgirl from Kick Ass) – Lady Emily Kaldwin

April Stewart (South Park) – Empress Jessamine Kaldwin

John Slattery (Howard Stark from Iron Man 2) – Admiral Havelock

(Full cast list available on IMDB, Wiki, etc, etc.)

These are just some of the things I’ve noticed with Dishonored from my time playing it and researching the cast. As Brent had me run it and during one of the cut scenes with Admiral Havelock, I was like “Hey, that’s Howard Stark from Iron Man 2.”

So, this is not a review, just some observations and thoughts on the game so far.


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