So this one will be a shorty, as I have another blog in me lined up to follow tonight.

this poster fits the movie better than others.

So, on Tuesday, I went with Brent to see Looper. I happen to enjoy the movie, because it deals with one of my favourite science fiction sub-genres… time travel. This kind of time travel story, is one I know from previous science fiction concepts, and it works well. Star Trek had also performed a similar paradox movement, with Next Generation’s finale. I didn’t know quite how the movie would accomplish the paradox, but as soon as the third variable to the story appeared, where the paradox laid, that’s when I started to realize what was really going on, instead of just Bruce Willis trying to survive his younger self. As you may have guessed from the trailer as this is no spoiler, the mob controls time travel devices to send people back in time, to when killing and disposing of people was easier. Things go askew when some of the people sent back are in fact the older versions of the killers, in this story, Loopers. Willis and Gordon-Levitt, as you may have already guessed from the trailers, are the same man, just 30 years apart.

The theme in this movie has been seen before, it’s just the execution varies, it’s very well paced, and thought out. The writer keeps you guessing for some parts, while falling on old pin points throughout to keep things going. You get tidbits of information as the movie progresses, showing you what the final events will happen. An idea happens part way through, and then as we get closer to the final scenes, that idea grows and becomes huge. You’ll see what I mean when you see the movie.

The movie is shot and cut extremely well, giving us good angles and showing us all of the action necessary, one nitpick though is one action scene that I wanted to see, but was never shown. Maybe they’ll put it in  the DVD and Blu-Ray extended cut, if there is an extended version. You’ll see what I mean in that regard when it comes to the Jeff Daniels character. I can see a bright future for the director, as this is a big win for him in terms of a movie, should he continue being a director.

Both versions of the main character Joe, have different depths, the young one is very much an older soul inhabiting a younger body as it were, as his choice of clothing is reminiscent of the 50’s, but he drives a car of the 90’s, and goes clubbing to have some social interaction with his fellow loopers. While the older one has gotten to the point in his life where he’s trying to save his own past and future, because he’s found something to fight for, something his past self had yet to experience.

The characters and actors portraying them are extremely well done, making us believe that they are who they’re playing, as Bruno usually looks good in anything, and Gordon-Levitt is starting the same trend. Daniels is usually playing varying roles, to keep him from going stale, which is good. Blunt’s character in the movie to me feels necessary and what happens between her and young Joe, to me also felt necessary as it gives young Joe something to fight for, much like Old Joe has. Although Brent didn’t agree with me on a particular scene, I’ll leave that up to you guys, you’ll know when you see it.

In the end, while I could see the ending, I didn’t quite believe it until it happened. I don’t want to say too much, but I wasn’t expecting the ending to the dynamic of both Joes. This is a great science fiction movie, go see it before it leaves theatres, or at least give it a rent, definitely worth a watch.

Up next are some thoughts on the new game Dishonored.


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