Revolution… Pilot episode

Sorry about the long delay between posts, without much work, it’s harder for me to find stuff to write about. However, this post is about Revolution, a new series from J. J. Abrams (Star Trek, Fringe), with writing by Eric Kripke of Supernatural, and the first episode is directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man movies). So, let’s dive right in.

With a similar feel to that of Fringe, in a vein of science fiction, that has a popular theme that Abrams is into, as Fringe is about to have as well. Revolution starts off where electricity is gone, there is literally none left in the world, something is preventing anything from holding an electrical charge, as it seems. It’s almost as if there is an active dampening field which prevents the flow of electrons from moving at all. In the pilot, we take place on the last day of electricity being used, and then within the blink of an eye, everything starts shutting down, until nothing works. Everything is dependant on electricity these days, so the world goes into another dark age as it were.

The series however takes place 15 years afterward, where the children of one of the last people whom know what has happened, have to find out, what happened, and prevent a local military power from seizing control. Everything seems to feedback on itself, things we may think are trivial in the beginning of the episode, come back to spark our curiosity later, and slap us across the face for not realizing it later.

The characters are really well written, as well as portrayed very well. Actors whom we’ve seen from other series play the older roles, and some new ones play the younger ones. One of my faves from TV, happens to be Tim Guinee. He’s been in many of the shows and movies I’ve watched over the years, as you’ll probably notice with some of the other actors, as well. Everything is still new, and still growing, so over time we’ll see more character development.

Plot development is extremely good, with twists and turns that you may not see coming, but as I said, everything appears to fall back on itself, as we see get set up amongst these characters and places. I don’t want to say too much, but I’ll say there is a fair amount of action to blend in with the story, as it is Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau after all, at least in this first episode.

Direction is good, although there are a couple of scenes where sometimes Favreau did get a wee bit too close, and it had a bit of Transformers action, where it was hard to follow, but once it zoomed back out, it was fine.

I eagerly await the next episode, and I’ll try to balance it out with Fringe, when it comes back for its final season. I might write some more for Revolution as it progresses, but so far its shaping up to be really good! Go watch the episode, while I won’t tell you where, I’m sure you can figure it out for that.


Conventioning… A Walk Around Con Bravo Part 3

Sorry about the long wait people, been dealing with personal issues lately. Being jobless during a record time for unemployment, makes things difficult. One of the few luxuries I have at the moment, that doesn’t cost me money, is the internet, for now.

Act 3 – Sunday July 29th, 2012

So, on Sunday, Brent and I packed our stuff, so we could check out of our room at the motel we were staying at. Heading back to the Con for the final day. Running on ice caps and bagels,  and also getting a party pack of timbits for a certain someone’s timbit party, (Details on that below).

Atop Of The 4th Wall 200 Episode Screening!

I went to the 200th episode screening, while Brent went to get another picture with Doug Walker, and get Lindsey and Todd to sign his stuff. After a few technical issues with the audio, Linkara showed us what he had in store for Episode 200. Something he’d vowed to never touch, but said “To hell with it, let’s do One More Day.” A comic most spider-man fans and comic book fanatics know, or at least  should know for making Peter look about as deep as a kiddy pool. The man responsible: Joe Quesada. Some people want his head on a stick for this, but some of us hating this comic, can at least forgive, as he’s done some good work previously. I’m not going to go into One More Day’s details, just watch Linkara’s video, he says it all.

Part 1 and Part 2

There is also a Q&A special he has listed on his as well.

Brent was at the signings in the Atrium, before popping back for a few minutes before the timbit party next door got underway. The hilarious-ness and general bashing of One More Day is definitely a favourite of mine, as I’ve seen others tackle the giant turd from Spider-man’s past.


here are a couple of images, Brent managed to capture.

After the screening, which did run for longer than a normal episode. I ducked out early during the Q &A, to catch the last bit of…

Spoony’s Timbit Party!

Fun was had by all, as people had literally filled the entire table, that Noah sat at, with boxes of Timbits, his new favourite addiction that he has from Canada.

Spoony loves his timbits!

Pretty simple stuff at the party, Spoony shared the vast quantity of timbits people gave him. I imagine it would’ve been a funny story telling the TSA that all those timbits are for him, when crossing the border.

After the timbit party, I went into the Atrium, while Brent got in line for the following event.

The event I saw, when sitting in a seat was…

How to Create a Webshow

Hosted by Lindsay “Nostalgia Chick” Ellis, Todd (In The Shadows) Nathanson, and Joey “Roo” Desena. The panel was a bit of them talking about what they do, and opened it up for some Q&A, as they’re not exactly organized. Todd intentionally goes for the low quality look, and Lindsay apparently bought him his first real tripod. Previously, he was using a tv dinner tray.

Here’s a couple of shots I got from the cell.


After the webshow/Q&A panel, it was time for…

Nerd Vs Critic

It was a bit of a fiasco, Brent got onto the floor and took some shots, I was on the second floor, watching from above. I did get a video, it’s not a great video, but it has the action, and I’ll upload it to YouTube when possible. After the Fiasco, it was a Q&A. Fun times were had by all, as the hilarious puppets were a sight in themselves. As a result of me being at this panel, I missed the Final Fantasy VIII panel, which I was kind of looking forward to, as I’m a huge fan of the game, but this was important too.


Some of Brent’s action shots of the battle and Q&A.

After the Nerd Vs Critic panel of hilarity, I headed over to the…

Geek Squares: Celebrity Edition

A game hosted by Natalie, of the ConBravo staff, First Officer, as it were. (Yes, I’m a Star Trek nerd). Guests featured in the squares were: The 3 Mikes, Jon Lee, and Christine of the 404’s, Joey “Roo” Desena, Doctor Holocaust, and Doug Walker, wielding a Teddy Ruxpin. Spoony also joined later on, taking over for Little Mike. They also had a couple of audience members, to fill the vacant squares, as one in particular took over for Doug, whom had to pack and get ready for his next panel. The game is tic, tac, toe with people, much like Hollywood Squares used to do back in the 90’s. Doug was using the Ruxpin to freak out Natalie and everyone else at the panel with its menacing stare and creepy voice Doug used.

Here’s a few shots from my cell.


Doug creeping people out with Ruxpin.

After the funniness of the Geek Squares, it was time to head over to…

Channel Awesome Q&A Part Deux

Hosting the panel, were Doug Walker, Lindsay Ellis, Todd Nathanson, Paw Dugan and making her convention debut, Elisa “Maven” Hansen. A lot of the usual Geeky-ness, questions and random things, including an odd occurrence. Linkara decided at one point to ask a question, so he lined up, like everyone else.

*Also, some sad, but kinda funny story happened with Todd and his car. He, Lindsay, Maven and Paw were on the bridge, trying to get to the border crossing, when his car decided to have a meltdown and destroyed its radiator. So after pushing the poor car across the border to get a tow into town, he mentioned the story during the panel. After Derek The Bard stepped up and started passing his top hat around, people donated some money to help cover the cost of the repair to the car. After Doug had left, he left his Teddy Ruxpin with Lindsay, so she and the others signed it and auctioned it off for a 100 dollar bill, to also help pay for the car. Awesome job people!*


Linkara in line asking a question at the panel.

Here are some shots of the panel from Brent’s DSLR.


Doug attempts to “Jump the Shark”, and had his suitcase with him, as he had an early flight.

After the antics of the Channel Awesome Q&A, the set up for the next event to happen.

Closing Ceremonies

Some news, some views and some suggestions were said at the ceremonies, including another note from Mark Tjan, the chairman. A NEW Venue has been selected for next year, due to the overwhelming numbers this year, probably just over 2000, I’d say. The convention will be held at the Hamilton Convention Centre, for the foreseeable future. Some suggestions were made, about scheduling, and possible future guests. I suggested the grand group at Rooster Teeth, creators of Red Vs Blue and Achievement Hunter. I suggested this, as I know they do go to Fan Expo, but that convention is ridiculously expensive, and WAY over crowded. TeamFourStar was also suggested, a good choice, I don’t really see it being a problem for one of them, as Takahata101 voice of Nappa and Guru in DBZA- is from Toronto, is he not? BrentalFloss was also mentioned, and the Staff took note, so that they can try to get everyone mentioned for coming conventions.

There was even a group hug for Mark, awe.

I was also able to get a couple of shots with Lindsay and Linkara, as well as some autographs. Thanks to Brent for the photos.


And with that, I’ll sign off, I had a great time at the convention, and wish to do so more.

Also, look forward to some pieces of my own written work in the future, as well as my thoughts on the Marvel Anime mini series’, and a return of movie reviews!

Men In Black 3, I’ll write about soon.