Conventioning – A Walk Around Con Bravo.

So, as promised, a walk-around with me, and my friend Brent, on our journey through the Con Bravo convention in Burlington, Ontario. Some of the photos are mine, and I do apologise for the lack of quality on them, as I used my android phone for them, other photos are from Brent’s DSLR. Thanks to him for some of the shots.

Act 1 – Friday, July 27th, 2012

For this year, they added a third day, although it was more so evening, as it started at 5pm EST. Con Bravo previously just had Saturday, and Sunday, with the addition of Friday, it allowed for more panels to be showcased. This convention has grown considerably, last year, they had only 60 people pre-register, but over 1200 show up, as it was the first time they showcased people from Channel Awesome. This time around, they added more, last year was just 3 – Doug Walker “The Nostalgia Critic”, Joe Vargas – Angry Joe, Mike “Birdman” Dodd, Tom White, and Noah Antwiler “The Spoony One”.

This year, most were representing Channel Awesome, except for Noah, who recently left Channel Awesome. So returning this year were Doug Walker, Tom White, Mike Dodd, and Noah Antwiler. New additions for the panels this year on the guest list included the following from the Channel Awesome team: James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd (Formerly Angry Nintendo Nerd), Lewis Lovhaug aka Linkara, Lindsey Ellis aka The Nostalgia Chick, Joey “Roo” Desena, Todd Nathanson of “Todd In The Shadows”, Paul Schuler aka Paw, and making her first ever Con, Elisa Hansen aka Maven.

Brent and I showed up for the opening ceremony on Friday, and half of the VIPs did show up for the ceremony, but some had some issues with transportation. Linkara, Spoony, Doug and Tom White showed for opening ceremonies, Mike Dodd was wandering somewhere, and some of the others were passed out. Lindsey, Todd, Maven and Paw were travelling by Todd’s car, which would’ve been there earlier, had the car’s radiator not catastrophically failed on the bridge at the border of Canada and the US. AVGN also had some issues when his flight got cancelled, so he decided to also drive all the way as well. Here are some photos of the opening ceremonies as taken from Brent’s DSLR, as mine turned out terrible.

If you have a Facebook account, you can view more of Brent’s ConBravo 2012 photos Here

Onto the first of many panels, Game Of Thrones Discussion Panel-

It was basically a spoiler-thon, granted I’ve only just scratched the surface of Game Of Thrones, it does pique my interest. Thanks to Brent for a photo.

Afterward, while Brent and I wandered for a bit before having dinner, here is a photo of some random cosplay at the front of the hotel.

Photo is from my android, sorry about the quality

Afterward, we wandered some more, through the music show, tons of photos on that from Brent on Facebook. I stood in line for the 4Chan panel, and saw both it and the My Little Panel: Fandom is Magic panel lines were starting to get long, so I managed to get a good spot while I did. When I saw that there would be a 4Chan panel, I knew I had to get in line, as comedy memes would ensue. While there, I met more and more people, as one does at a convention, you socialize with your fellow geek. The panel of course had hilarity from the site of memories of past memes and people representing different boards on 4Chan, running the panel were 2 regulars and a moderator from the site.

Ah the memories of random crap on the site. For those who don’t know, 4Chan was created to serve as an english version of 2Chan, a japanese forum for everything Geek, essentially. These days you will have every walk of humanity on there, so remember to bring your metaphorical umbrellas, rubber boots, and probably a gas mask if you value your sanity. Those whom can survive, live on and enjoy the hilarity that is 4Chan.

Photo credit to Brent, as I forgot to take some photos on my phone.

Later, after the hilarity that was the 4Chan panel, Brent got in line for the Audition for the Worst Movie Ever panel, I went down to wait for the Late Night 404s 18+ panel. The 404s, for those of you who don’t know, are a geek comedy troop that perform their variation on the Whose Line Is It Anyway? show, and damn they do it well. Members of the 404s include: Big Mike, Medium Mike, Little Mike, Jon, Dany and Christine. As it was the 18+ panel, no whips were spared, no jokes pulled, and things we should not see at Con Bravo, we did. Note for next time, Dany, for the love of god, no Green Lantern boxers that enhance the package dude!

404’s from left to right- little Mike, Medium Mike, Jon Lee, Christine, Big Mike and Dany.

They even saved a seat, just for Mark Tjan- Chairman. Rock on Princess Celestia, haha.

Mark not enjoying his spot- photo credit to Brent.

After the side-splitting comedy of the 404s with the Pants-less O’clock antics, and Dany’s green lantern boxers, we called it a night for Friday, as the end of their show, marked the end of the first day of Con Bravo. We retired to the motel we were staying in, and after a bit of Civilization 5, I went to sleep, to have a fresh start for Saturday.

With that, marks the end of the first act of my 3 blog entry for Con Bravo, as it is very early in the morning, and I could use some sleep, look for the second half within the next day or so.


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