The Dark Knight Rises… and some news.

The Dark Knight Rises

TDKR Poster

Sorry this took me a while to get out, been busy with stuff around the new house and just got back from a convention, which I will talk about in another blog. Not to mention, getting distracted with TV shows returning and catching old favourites, like Digimon Tamers, haha.

So, on the Tuesday after its Premiere, I saw TDKR, and to be honest, now looking back, it’s a great flick, it’s just not what I expected.

Character Portrayals: (Note: Only of those joining the existing cast.)

Bane – Tom Hardy does a fantastic job, he is a very believable Bane, even though it’s not the Bane we know and remember. Despite the voice mask making him sound a little like a dark Sean Connery. He is the embodiment of a Bane-esque terrorist in this movie.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman – Anne Hathaway does an excellent job portraying the character, granted we didn’t see enough of the character itself in the movie, all the parts we did see of her, were excellently portrayed, and all sequences of cat-like agility are spot on.

Blake – Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a very good job in a more serious role than I’ve ever seen him in, besides Inception. If this was not the last of Nolan’s movies, I would’ve loved to see more of this character in future stories. I don’t want to spoil the movie, but Nolan takes back something he said previously. One word for this character which is a spoiler, sorry, Robin.

Miranda – Marion Cotillard plays her character extremely well. I can’t say too much on the character as it would be a spoiler to the movie.

Daggett – Ben Mendelsohn does a great job, his flair makes the character his own, as I’ve seen Daggett in many other Batman stories, as he is a regular in the Batman universe.

Stryver – Burn Gorman, wow what a difference in characters I’ve seen him play previously, especially that of Torchwood. As Stryver, he’s cold, ruthless, almost as if he is a trained assassin, but not quite. As Daggett’s right hand man, he is very much like an assassin by basically carrying out Daggett’s dirty work with underlings and loose ends. Gorman does a fantastic job making the character come out and not just be in the background.

Special Effects – As usual, all the special effects and gadget work are phenomenal with Nolan’s movies, this movie is no different in its execution.

Sound – Effects are done practical, every crunch, every hit is very natural sounding, even if it’s the armour of Batman’s suit, or bullets firing in the sky. Music, as usual with Hans Zimmer, fantastic work, some of my favourite themes and movements from the previous movies, and some new ones to compliment the movie. Granted, not as much quantity of songs as The Dark Knight, as that was a group effort, but still amazing work as always.

Technicals – Editing, Filming, Direction – Nolan does some of his best film work in this flick, however, even though the movie is 2 and a half hours long, it kind of feels it needs more to help explain certain pieces of the story that are missing, more on the story a little later.

Writing/Story – Oh my, this is where the film shows most of its cracks, as much as I love this Batman trilogy, this movie feels as if it was pieced together and needed more movies to finish off the story. It feels short to me, as if the book adaptation will be like the first films book, where there is more explained in the novel. Unlike The Dark Knight, where everything in the movie, is in the novel, with very little added. The story is a bit haphazard in some ways, especially between Miranda and Bruce, and Bane, as much as this Bane is very realistic, it’s not the Bane we know. It also feels as if the story/movie isn’t taking the same risks with characters as previous ones.

Sure Bane is different, but no one else really changes, at least in personality, but you can tell that everyone knows what’s going to happen. Granted yes, I knew beforehand that certain instances would happen at different points in the movie, since I’m such a huge fan of Batman and being a writer, I know plot devices when I see them. I don’t want to spoil the movie, but one of the key plot points is a bomb, yes a bomb. Unlike Joker’s bombs which were common, and very useful, this one just seems like a cop-out in some ways, especially with its disposal.

Batman felt like he was kind of shoed in with the primary calamity, being the bomb, as that device has been used many times before, and made him feel generic. The film to me, is a good, but slightly flawed adaptation of 2 comic lines, The Dark Knight Returns, which for those who don’t know is Frank Miller’s epic where Bruce dawns the cape and cowl after pushing 60, as he feels he’s needed yet again. The other is that of Knightfall, which DC used to “Spoiler” cripple and therefore kill the Bruce Wayne Batman, so that his story could end as the cape crusader and move on with his life, while another could continue his work. A lot of Batman stories go to the Knightfall storyline when talking about Bruce’s end with being Batman.

While at first, the ending would’ve left me sad, to almost shed a tear had it continued down its first path, but the twist while nice to see with this story line, kinda feels as if Nolan wanted to continue, but due to DC wanting to get Justice League Of America started, can’t, which saddens me due to how the movie ends. I won’t spoil it, so you’ll have to go see the movie, as it’s still in Theatres and I expect it to be in there until late August, early September, depending on ticket sales. Also, Nolan even said that he wanted to finish his Batman off, because he didn’t want to include him in JLA, as other sources are saying it was DC not wanting this dark, and realistic Batman being in JLA. Personally  I agree that this Batman wouldn’t fit, especially if they get Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern in the movie, as his movie was a mess, more on that in my review.

Trailers – The Man Of Steel teaser was shown, while it will hopefully do well with Nolan helping on the writing, and Zack Snyder working on the direction, should do well, the film’s cinematography just from the trailer, looks amazing, but because it’s a weird take on Clark’s story, it’ll definitely be different, it almost feels as if they’re trying to make him more realistic, which is fine, but something bugs me about the trailer. Hopefully it does well, as I like Superman, he’s bad ass in the DC Universe Online trailer/intro movie. I’d like to see Nolan and Snyder bring that badassery back to Clark.

With that, I’ll end this off here. Look for my Con Bravo coverage blog later on, *With Photos*. My friend Brent and I went to a convention in Burlington, it has turned into an annual event, as last year, he and I went with a friend to it before.  Also, I’ve been drawn into Game Of Thrones from people who have seen the show and read the books, so look for a future blog about the series, as I get caught up and a separate one on the books, when I get the chance to read them.


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