The Woman In Black

Another break, went for a nice vacation over the Victoria Day weekend, camping, some drinking, campfires, all the fun outdoors stuff.

So with the Woman in Black, I had watched it last night with a friend, as I was curious about the movie, as I tend to be with horror movies. This isn’t a bad movie, nor is it a great movie, its in the middle. There were moments in the movie, where I was creeped out a little, but nothing was making me jump out of my seat, as I did with Insidious. This one tries to have a similar circumstance, while being an adaptation of a book. Now I can’t really comment on the comparison between the book and movie, as I have yet to read the book. With the elements of this movie, it could’ve gotten some better jumpscares, but with the way the setup is and the music plays out, you’re almost expecting something to happen when they do, which takes the fun out of it, at least for me. The effects in this movie are pretty good, while the visual style of the movie is something you’d see in a major hit. The atmosphere of the movie draws you in, unfortunately its the pacing and the waiting for answers that kind of take you out of the movie. The music seems to be a crutch in some ways in this film, it kind of spoils the mood in some instances.

Acting, well the acting is done well, we believe the people playing these characters were really in these circumstances, Radcliffe breaking from his Harry Potter role, is good, its not a fantastic movie, and he did well. The others in the movie, only one or two stand out, as the rest while good at their roles, are not major A list actors. Costume design is very fitting of the time, set design fits the role of the creepy, turn of the century style setting. The main let down of the movie, is with a couple of the plot holes I’ve noticed, one of which is Radcliffe’s characters expediency of trying to stop the events from happening before his son arrives to be marked. I would’ve felt more anxious earlier in the plot, but for him, he doesn’t feel it until later, although its understandable that he would’ve only felt it once he realized that children are targetted by the woman in black. I knew before going in, as I had watched a review, peopled liked it, its just not a great movie, like it could’ve been. Some of the creepy moments are all with the woman in black and her victims, the movie does however not make it into a completely happy ending situation, at least not in the normal sense, probably due to the book’s influence there. This movie had potential, and could’ve gone further, its just something that is more of a “meh” experience overall.

So, if you are curious about the movie, its worth a rental atleast, something to check out if you’re bored. Although if you’re looking for a jumpscare fest to really have fun with friends, watch Insidious, its a much better film overall. This movie does appeal to the gothic sense, its just lacking in some major scare tactics, like Insidious has. So, with that, I’ll close this review off.

Also an update, I may not be able to do much in the latter half of June, just because of a move that is happening for me. I’ll try to have a Ghost Rider 2 review up soon, its just having to wait for a DVD/Bluray release.


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