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Hey everyone, I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that, in the middle of small “refreshing” of the house for a near future sell. I had my friend over and we watched Drive, with Ryan Gosaling. Despite my preconceptions with Gosling’s role in previous movies, he does a fantastic job in this movie. This is something to be proud of in his career, working with a fantastic cast that delivers a hit that is a perfect homage to the films of the 80’s. The atmosphere and ambience of the movie is fantastic, I really enjoy movies that take advantage of the screen and tell a story, even with limited dialogue from the main character. Sure its nice sometimes to have a lead role that is witty and engaging to the audience to get a good laugh. However, in this movie, the tone is fairly serious, but it does have some lighthearted moments meant to keep us interested in the character depth. The pacing is meant to be slow, and methodical, but we stay interested because of what is happening on-screen. Some sequences have you feeling tension, as if you are in the driver’s shoes, following him through his exploits on-screen, and of those around him. I couldn’t find any plotholes, as while somethings were expected to happen, as we’ve seen before, at least with the one twist, I noticed anyway, but I didn’t care. It is definitely a movie to see, although I wouldn’t recommend it while children are around, as it isn’t for the light of heart. The director favoured a more direct stance with the action and violence to the movie. I don’t want to give specific examples, as it may ruin the movie for some of you. Some of them are that important to see in the movie. I’ll say this though as an example, when someone is shot, you see it, not just a pan or a cut away and seeing blood on the wall. The movie is almost in a dream-like state when it comes to the Driver’s emotional state with his love interest in the movie. As I said, this movie is a perfect homage to the old 80’s style film making. While some might say it is out of its time, I don’t. I really enjoy this movie and thought that this style of filmmaking is a lost art on modern-day movies. Few movies made today, really make us think, and become involved in what’s going on. It’s just wow-factor in this day and age, what kind of special effects or computer enhanced or generated effects can be done. This movie is exactly what the modern age needed, a practical movie with traditional effects and a gripping story that will keep you involved. With the Oscars looming around, I do agree that Albert Brooks should’ve at least been nominated for his role in this movie. I am a fan of some of the old tactics when it comes to movies, and its nice to see others are still into them as well. The sound track is perfect for the movie, it makes you feel like you’re in the 80’s but you’re in the present. Cinematography is excellent, you see a lot of what’s going on to understand what is going on, and as I said, it tells the story more than just the dialogue does. In terms of the supporting cast, we have Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman, Bryan Cranston, Casey Mulligan, and Christina Hendricks. All of whom play their roles well, Albert Brooks, as I mentioned earlier, is awesome in this movie. He scares the crap out of me, his character being a businessman, kind of throws you off a bit, you don’t fear him, but as the movie progresses and we see his true self, it becomes all too clear that he is the man to fear in this movie. Perlman does a good job as well, being the traditional gangster with ambitions to go further. While being the type of villain we normally see in these movies, he is able to bring the character to life with some of his own flair. Bryan Cranston plays his character well, and keeps an eye on Gosling’s character, being a good friend, although be it a little misguided with some of his own decisions. Casey Mulligan, being Gosling’s love interest in the movie, enjoys his character’s company, despite being a married woman. We see enough of the emotion on-screen between the two characters to know how they feel, without all the physical treatment we usually see when it comes to the main characters in the movie. Christina Hendricks, while her role is short, she plays the role well. Her character may not have a lot of screen time overall, but is integral for the story to progress and for information to be passed to the Driver, so that he can proceed forward in his progression of character and to bring the plot and audience along for the ride.  This movie, being a character and visually driven piece, is definitely something to check out. It is one of the few movies of 2011, that I’ve seen that I would consider a great flick. I don’t want to spoil the story, if you want to know, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Check back soon, as I’ll have a Franken-Blog as it were of other movies I saw over the month of January.


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